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moilesautresart formed in 2017 and is composed of Cathie Bagoris, Lila Ludmila Rétif and Beth Gordon. They currently live and work in Brussels. 

Their practice includes performances, films, publications, installations, curatorial projects and hybrid forms mixing these media. Their work reflects on how knowledge is constructed and passed on by building narratives that mix fact and fiction. These stories are made up of information that has been gleaned, intertwined, and connected freely. They are often shared during performances that take the form of conversations in which the audience is invited to take part (Une affaire d’argent or Citrus maxima xparadisi for example). Lately, they have shared their stories through readings or short films. Through these narratives, they try to define their relationship to other forms of life.

moilesautresart is also an active member of the collective of curators La Satellite, which focuses on intersectional feminisms in contemporary science-fiction.

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